Friday, December 24, 2010

How to dry a cell phone that has fallen in water - 6 Steps

If your cell phone has fallen into water and has stopped working, you can get it working again with these simple steps.

1.  Take the battery and any memory cards out of your cell phone
2.  Dry off all parts with a paper towel
3.  Shake your cell phone out.
4. Put two cups of dry rice in a ziploc bag.
5. Put your phone and battery (still unattached) into the bag of rice.
6. Let it sit in the bag of rice for about a week (that's how long it took before mine began to work again)

To help speed it up, I put the ziploc bag outside in the sun and on top of the dryer while it was in use.  Never dry the inside of a phone with a hairdryer or anything too hot because it could fry the inside of the phone.


  1. That same thing happened to a friend of mine...Rice worked for her too!
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