Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Stretching your dollar and making healthier food for your family

One of the tricks that I have found to stretch my dollar in the kitchen is to add more vegetables and grains to my dinner meal and to add less meat.

Vegetables and Grains are cheaper than most meats, plus they are packed with vitamins and minerals.  Our American diets have become meat heavy in the past few decades and cardiovascular disease has increased along with it.

I have been trying to buy a new vegetable every week or so and find a recipe for it.  It has been a fun adventure.  A few weeks ago, I made butternut squash for the first time (it was on sale).  I added brown sugar and cinnamon to it and drizzled maple syrup on it.  It was delicious, nutritious and my kids loved it!

I can barely ever get my kids to eat vegetables, but experimenting with different fruits and vegetables has opened up our choices for healthy food!

Organic Butternut Winter Squash

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