Thursday, January 6, 2011

10 Energy-Saving Tips

10 Energy-Saving Tips

1. Make sure the flue/damper on your fireplace is closed when not in use.

2. Caulk, seal and weather-strip around windows where you can feel a draft.

3. Lower your hot water heater to 120 degrees.  If you are leaving the house for a few days, turn your hot water heater all the way down to the vacation setting.

4. Change your furnace filter monthly.

5. Turn your thermostat down.  Wear more layers in the winter and light-weight clothes in the summer.

6. Make sure you have adequate insulation around your house.

7. Have your appliances serviced yearly.

8. Replace your old furnace with a new, more energy-efficient furnace.

9. During the winter, keep curtains and blinds open during the day to let warmth in and close curtains and blinds at night to keep cold air out.

10. Wrap your water heater with an insulating blanket.

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