Sunday, February 6, 2011

Clean Oven Spills With Salt

Before a spill has dried in your oven, pour salt over it and leave it there.  After you cook again, the spill will be a pile of ash that you can wipe away easily!  No need to use toxic chemicals or the clean setting on your oven.

Morton Salt 1956 Porcelain Sign


  1. It's funny really - you spend your whole life buying chemical cleaners because that's just "what you do" and then you read posts like this and everything changes... the simple things can be so good sometimes!

    Just wanted to say thanks - I've been doing my best to be far more frugal recently. The birth of my 2nd wasn't half as scary as the first... I feel like I can be a good housewife as well as mamma - fingers crossed! One of the things I used to do was use professional oven cleaners. I can't say a bad word about them to be honest, at my various houses over the years I've had them in every few months. I'd been using oven cleaning sutton coldfield and oven cleaning solihull and I'm not ashamed to recommend them, however I am ashamed to say that it's only been recently that I even knew what the word frugal meant! So thanks again for posts like this to help me on my way to being a better stay at home mamma :) x

  2. Thanks! I am glad you find my Blog helpful. I began searching for ways to clean my home naturally after my children were born. There are so many products in our pantries that we could use to clean our house.

  3. Ooh nice post :) I've been scouring the blogosphere for cleaning and maintenance posts, lots of goodness out there, thanks! I'm enjoying trying a lot of tips people are kindly passing on. I've also recommended in a few placed my favourite pro-cleaning companies that are just as chemical free as doing it myself, because I found when I was pregnant I was unable to do it myself, but hated the smells from my dirty cooker! They're oven cleaning birmingham and oven cleaning maidstone. Thanks again :)

  4. This really is a great tip. I found this salt idea a few months ago and bookmarked it. Believe me, it really does work. I always make sure I am stocked up on salt now. It really does make the task of oven cleaning much easier!