Thursday, January 31, 2013

When To Buy And Sell Stocks

One thing that I learned while getting my Degree in Finance about Stocks was to buy when the stocks are low and sell when the stocks are high.  If you see that the stocks you hold are losing value, that is the time to buy.

If you think about it, an imaginary stock (let's call it Stock A) could be doing well for a while, then you see its price per share going down.  Let's also say that the 52 week high was $50 and the low was $10. If your stock gets close to $10, buy more.  When it goes back up to where it was at it's high, you will have gained 5 times over on your stock and that is the time to sell!

Remember, stocks are always fluctuating.  They go up and they go down.  Don't worry when they get low because the majority of stocks go back up again!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ideas For Organizing Your Counters

How do you clean your house?  Well, I like to start by organizing the things I see everyday on the counters.  If you do not use an item on your counter weekly, then put it in a cabinet for later use.  If you haven't used it in a year, get rid of it.  Your counter will be more organized and easier to clean!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Donate Unused Items To Animals In Pet Shelters

Many pet shelters are in need of items to help pets waiting for adoption.

One way you can help is by cleaning out your linen closet.  Fill a bag with old towels and donate them to pet shelters.

You can also help by cleaning out your pantry and donating food or pet treats that  your pet will not eat.    Since I am an extreme couponer, I get a lot of different types of pet food and treats for free or nearly free, but  I have a very picky dog.  When she does not eat a certain type of food or treat, I put it in a bag and bring it to a pet shelter.

The animals in the pet shelter get a nice treat, food and bedding and we de-clutter our home!

Click here to find Pet Shelters in your area.  You may want to call them first to find out what items they need.

Monday, January 28, 2013

I found a site called  They offer tons of green cleaning products for your home and car.   

Right now they are offering a coupon:     10% Off Coupon For Entire Order

Free ebook - Learn how to cut your grocery bills

I just ran across this deal.  This ebook will be free for the next 30 days.  Learn to cut your grocery bills with sales, coupons and meal planning.  What could be better than free?!

Free ebook - Learn how to cut your grocery bills

Paid Surveys!

I have been a member of American Consumer Opinion Panel for 6 years and it is one of the best survey sites I have found.   They pay on time, they pay a decent amount for each survey and they also have product tests through their site.

Join American Consumer Opinion Panel  now to earn money from your home.  You never have to pay money.  It is completely free!

The Best Places To Live In Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia is a Suburb of Washington D.C.  It is very expensive and the traffic is awful, but it is also tons of fun.  There is so much to do in the area.  I have provided a link to a great article that covers the different areas of Northern Virginia and their pro's and con's.  Click here to read the article.

Organize and de-clutter your storage bag drawer

Do you have boxes of storage bags that are taking up too much room? To organize you storage bags, take them out of the box and throw the box away.

Put all of you sandwich bags inside of a sandwich bag, all of your gallon-sized bags into one gallon-size bag, etc.

Snack bags will not fit into a snack bag since it is too small. I like to use a sandwich bag to store my snack bags and then write what is inside.

Your storage bag drawer will be a lot less cluttered!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

10 Tips For Driving Safely In Snow And Ice

Today, we had our first snow day of the year!  The roads had too much ice and snow on them to get the kids to school safely. When you do try to venture out onto the icy, cold, snowy roads, here are a few tips for driving in the snow and ice:

1.  Go slow!  I usually try to stay around or under the speed limit when the road conditions are slippery.

2. Go around curves and corners slowly.  

3. Try not to change lanes often.  Going straight is your best bet when there is ice and snow on the roads.  

4.  Go over bridges slowly and try not to change lanes on bridges.  Bridges are the first to ice up.  The roads may be okay, but once you get onto bridges, they can be a problem.

5.  Stay further back from the car in front of you.  Give yourself some extra stopping room just in case your car does slide.

6. If you are approaching a yellow or red light, starting slowing down sooner than you usually do and try to roll to a stop as you get closer to the traffic light.

7. Watch out for black ice.  It could be hiding under snow on the road or it could just look like an area of the road that is wet or moist.  Once you get on black ice, your best bet is to slow down and steer into the direction your car is going in hopes that you will catch some pavement under your tire and get some grip on the road again.

8. Always keep an ice scraper, a blanket, snacks and a bottle of water in your car in case you get stranded.

9. Make sure your cell phone is fully charged before you get in your car on a slippery day.  If you get stranded you will need help and a dead phone would be useless.

10.  Listen to or watch the news before heading out onto the slippery streets.  The news anchors will be able to tell you what areas to avoid and how dangerous the roads may be at that time.  There are also a couple great apps you can download to your smartphone that can alert you to bad weather like The Weather Channel app.

Be safe on the road!

Make Money And Help The Planet With Recyclebank

Recyclebank is a website that offers great advice on living a greener life.  You earn points that you can put towards some great rewards when you read an article, take a quiz or recycle.  Everything they ask you to do takes less than a minute.

When you go to the Recyclebank site, add your community (address).  You can also download a free app for your phone through Recyclebank.  Every time you recycle, you get into your Recyclebank account, tap "I recycled" and they add points!  They get an average from the recycle company in your area and reward you according to how often and when you recycle.

Recyclebank has tons of great rewards too!  I just ordered a $10 coupon for my local Harris Teeter grocery store.  If I spend $50, I can use the $10 coupon towards that shopping trip.

Sign up at Recyclebank today to start making the world a better place and to start earning rewards for your green actions!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Has Anyone Else Noticed A Significant Decrease In Their Paycheck In January 2013?

Opening our paychecks this month shocked me.   I couldn't believe how much less money our paycheck came out to.  I did a little research by taking a December 2012 pay stub out and comparing it with the new pay stub and here is what I found.

It looks like a new tax withholding is taking more money from us.  Everything else on our pay stub was the same.  The new tax withholding is called FED OASDI EE.  This stands for Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance/Employee share.  Here is an article you can read to find out more.  Essentially, it is a tax that withholds money from your paycheck and puts it into your Federal Social Security Account.  

Your employer makes a matching contribution. For the 2009 calendar year, the tax applies to your earnings up to a limit of $106,800. You pay 6.2 percent (the deduction you see on your paycheck), and your employer pays 6.2 percent, for a total of 12.4 percent.

Has anyone else noticed a big difference on their paycheck this year?  Please let me know if you have and what you think about this.  I was just wondering if this was something new because I have never since it on any of our past pay stubs.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Great Site For Finding A Preschool For Your Child

Savvysource is a great website by parents, for parents.  They have tons of information that spans across the United States for everything that has to do with kids.  You can personalize it by entering your location to find information about the area you live in.

Under the Preschool section in Savvysource, they have a list of preschools in your area with pros and cons, ratings and real parents reviews of the preschools.  

Check out Savvysource to find your child's preschool.  Hurry up!  It is almost preschool registration time!

Click here to go straight to the preschool section of Savvysource.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Make Money While Grocery Shopping!

I recently downloaded a free app onto my iPhone called Ibotta.   It's easy and free to sign up with the app.

To use it, browse through all the offers and pick the ones you like.  If you think you will buy Kellogg's Pop-tarts, then click on the picture of Pop-tarts.  Underneath the picture of pop-tarts, you will see how much you can make when you buy Pop-tarts.  Once you click on the picture, it will prompt you to do two things.  Everything takes less than a minute.  The two things could either buy "testify", where you write a sentence about why you like Pop-tarts, or "tell your friends and earn" where you post to your Facebook page that you just earned some money from Pop-tarts or taking a very short quiz, then you push submit.

Once you have completed the tasks, you go to the store and buy the item.  When you get home, go to your Ibotta app and click redeem at the bottom of the screen, choose the store you bought the item from and click on the item you bought.  Click on the scanner on the top right of the screen to scan the receipt.  Once you have uploaded a picture of the receipt (very easy!) you are done!

A few minutes after you submit the receipt showing that you bought the item, you will receive a message saying that they have accepted it and that they have added money to your Ibotta account.    Link your Ibotta account to your Paypal account and you will get paid once you reach $5 in your Ibotta account!

You can earn between 50 cents to $1.50 per item that you buy when using Ibotta.  There is a deal going on right now where you make $1 when buying Chapstick.  Target had it on sale for 75 cents.  You would get a free Chapstick and earn 25 cents with that deal!

It's a great way to save or even make money while you are shopping!  Click here to start making money!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Help For Dry, Cracking Skin On Your Hands

During the winter especially, the skin on my fingers get so dry that the skin on my fingers splits around my fingernails.  I have found a solution to cracked, dry skin!  Use New-Skin or Liquid Bandage on the split skin and then moisturize your hands regularly with a  heavy duty, thick moisturizer.  The splits usually go away within a week and they are much less painful!