Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Donate Unused Items To Animals In Pet Shelters

Many pet shelters are in need of items to help pets waiting for adoption.

One way you can help is by cleaning out your linen closet.  Fill a bag with old towels and donate them to pet shelters.

You can also help by cleaning out your pantry and donating food or pet treats that  your pet will not eat.    Since I am an extreme couponer, I get a lot of different types of pet food and treats for free or nearly free, but  I have a very picky dog.  When she does not eat a certain type of food or treat, I put it in a bag and bring it to a pet shelter.

The animals in the pet shelter get a nice treat, food and bedding and we de-clutter our home!

Click here to find Pet Shelters in your area.  You may want to call them first to find out what items they need.

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