Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Great Site For Finding A Preschool For Your Child

Savvysource is a great website by parents, for parents.  They have tons of information that spans across the United States for everything that has to do with kids.  You can personalize it by entering your location to find information about the area you live in.

Under the Preschool section in Savvysource, they have a list of preschools in your area with pros and cons, ratings and real parents reviews of the preschools.  

Check out Savvysource to find your child's preschool.  Hurry up!  It is almost preschool registration time!

Click here to go straight to the preschool section of Savvysource.


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  3. Now is the time to start putting your child's name in for a preschool for Fall 2013-Spring 2014.