Thursday, January 24, 2013

Make Money And Help The Planet With Recyclebank

Recyclebank is a website that offers great advice on living a greener life.  You earn points that you can put towards some great rewards when you read an article, take a quiz or recycle.  Everything they ask you to do takes less than a minute.

When you go to the Recyclebank site, add your community (address).  You can also download a free app for your phone through Recyclebank.  Every time you recycle, you get into your Recyclebank account, tap "I recycled" and they add points!  They get an average from the recycle company in your area and reward you according to how often and when you recycle.

Recyclebank has tons of great rewards too!  I just ordered a $10 coupon for my local Harris Teeter grocery store.  If I spend $50, I can use the $10 coupon towards that shopping trip.

Sign up at Recyclebank today to start making the world a better place and to start earning rewards for your green actions!

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