Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Make Money While Grocery Shopping!

I recently downloaded a free app onto my iPhone called Ibotta.   It's easy and free to sign up with the app.

To use it, browse through all the offers and pick the ones you like.  If you think you will buy Kellogg's Pop-tarts, then click on the picture of Pop-tarts.  Underneath the picture of pop-tarts, you will see how much you can make when you buy Pop-tarts.  Once you click on the picture, it will prompt you to do two things.  Everything takes less than a minute.  The two things could either buy "testify", where you write a sentence about why you like Pop-tarts, or "tell your friends and earn" where you post to your Facebook page that you just earned some money from Pop-tarts or taking a very short quiz, then you push submit.

Once you have completed the tasks, you go to the store and buy the item.  When you get home, go to your Ibotta app and click redeem at the bottom of the screen, choose the store you bought the item from and click on the item you bought.  Click on the scanner on the top right of the screen to scan the receipt.  Once you have uploaded a picture of the receipt (very easy!) you are done!

A few minutes after you submit the receipt showing that you bought the item, you will receive a message saying that they have accepted it and that they have added money to your Ibotta account.    Link your Ibotta account to your Paypal account and you will get paid once you reach $5 in your Ibotta account!

You can earn between 50 cents to $1.50 per item that you buy when using Ibotta.  There is a deal going on right now where you make $1 when buying Chapstick.  Target had it on sale for 75 cents.  You would get a free Chapstick and earn 25 cents with that deal!

It's a great way to save or even make money while you are shopping!  Click here to start making money!

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