Saturday, February 23, 2013

How to save money on books and magazines

My family went into a bookstore today and I couldn't believe the prices! For the price of one or two magazines, you could get a year long subscription sent to you mailbox. Some of the books I looked at where the same price as my monthly water bill!

To save money:

1. order subscriptions to magazines online with coupon codes

2. order used book through EBay or go to a used bookstore

3. Order used movies through EBay.

To get books, movies and magazines for free:

1. Go to the library! There are tons of books, movies and magazines that you could take out for 2-6 weeks at a time.

2. Check out your libraries website. You could put books, DVD's and magazines on hold, then the library will email you when they come in. No need to search the library! They put it on the hold shelf for you.

3. Be patient! Newer, more popular books, movies and magazines could take days, weeks or even months to come in, depending on how popular they are.

4. If you read your books on a tablet or other electronic device, most libraries have an option to download the book or magazine you choose. You get to keep the download for a few weeks before it goes off your list.

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