Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Make Money On Your Utilities

A few days ago, I received a letter in the mail from my utility company.  It said that if I sign up for their Energy Saving program, I would get a $40 check at the end of each year!  No need for me to do anything and I still get paid!

When you are enrolled in this program, they will stagger your air conditioning or heating during peak times, but the fan will still work during these times to circulate the air already in your house.  You will end up saving money on your bill and making money at the end of the year and you will barely tell a difference with the temperature in your house.

Check with your utility company to see if they offer this program in your area.


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  2. Thanks Provashi! Yes, there are tons of ways to save money and even make a little money out there outside of a full-time job. Every little bit helps!