Friday, April 26, 2013

Donate To Charity To Earn Money And Organize Your House

Donating to charity is a win-win situation.  You get rid of your old things that you no longer use and have an uncluttered house and others are able to receive your donations for free or very cheap.  It gives your old clothes, toys and household products a new life!

We keep a bag in the back of our main closet.  Anytime one of my children finds that they have outgrown some of their clothes or toys, we have them put them in the bag.  If I am cleaning out the kitchen and find that I have one too many similar utensils, I put it in the bag.  If my husband or I have not worn an article of clothing in over a year, we throw it in the bag.

Once the bag is full, I get on ItsDeductible (which works with TurboTax) and I enter each donation in the bag onto the site.  Once I am finished, I call the donation site so they can come pick the donations up or I bring it to the donation drop-off site.

Everyone comes out ahead.  Good items are donated to people who need them, we save money on our taxes and our house is clutter-free!

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