Thursday, April 18, 2013

Have Trouble Opening Jar Lids? You Will Never Have A Problem Again With This!

My Husband goes on a lot of business trips.  When he is gone and I have a jar I can't open,  it could ruin the whole dinner because I need what is inside the jar, plus my hands go through a beating!

I was shopping this weekend and found JarKey (jar key) The world's easiest jar opener.  I thought, what the heck, I'll give it a try.  

Today, my daughter wanted pickles with her lunch.  I had to open a new jar.  I could not open the jar for the life of me.  Then I remembered the JarKey.  I just place the JarKey on the lid of the jar and lift (like a lever).  I heard a pop.  After that, I tried opening the jar and it opened with barely any effort!  

I love the JarKey!  It is going to save my hands and my meals!

Here is more information I found on the package:

JarKey: Revolutionary, yet so simple!  No twisting, no straining.  Just lift, pop, lid spins free.

It's so easy:
  1. Place JarKey on rim of lid
  2. Lift gently until you hear the vacuum pop
  3. Lid is now free to spin
Endorsed by Arthritis Associations around the world.

Lid stays undamaged and re-sealable.

"JarKey should be in every kitchen" Mr. Gadget

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