Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How Can I Get Out Of Debt?

You may have asked yourself, "How can I get out of debt?"  The concept of getting out of debt is simple:  Spend less than you earn!  The practice is not as easy.

There are two ways to spend less than you earn.

1. Increase your earning power and keep your spending the same or lessen your spending.

Find ways to make extra money.  Sell  your old stuff.  Find part-time jobs online that you could do in your spare time.

2. Spend less

Set small goals for yourself.  Start a budget.  Find smaller loans or credit card debt that you owe and pay it down as quickly as possible while paying the minimum on all other bills.  Cut out coffees on the go, eating out and or at the least, just order water with your meal.  Start small and work your way up.  Coupons help to save tons of money anywhere from groceries to service providers.

As long as you can spend less than you earn, you will be able to get out of debt!

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