Saturday, April 6, 2013

Remove Gum From Dryer And Clothing!

Someone in my house left a pack of gum in their pocket and I washed and dried the whole load of laundry before I found out.  It left a huge mess on the clothes and the inside of the dryer.

To remove gum from the dryer, I used Goo Gone and a scrubbing sponge to remove it from the inside of the dryer.  I tried scrubbing when I first put the Goo Gone on and some dry gum came out.  I smeared the Goo Gone on all the gummy spots and let it sit for a few minutes and came back.  The Goo Gone disintegrated the stickiness of the gum and it came of much easier this time.  Afterwards, I wiped the inside of the dryer down with a damp towel to remove the Goo Gone from the dryer.  There was still a little bit of gum that did not want to detach itself from the dryer.  I put some more Goo Gone into the dryer to coat the inside and turned the dryer on with the moist toil in it.  Between the heat, Goo Gone and the towel rubbing against the inside of the dryer, it cleaned the rest of the gum out of the dryer.  I vacuumed out the inside of the dryer to clean all the dried up gum particles afterwards. The inside of the dryer looked like new again after all of that.  It was some work and lots of Goo Gone, but I was able to remove the gum from the dryer!

To remove gum from the clothing, I put the clothes through the washing machine again after squirting a little Goo Gone Stain Remover on the gummy areas.  That seemed to get most of it out.  Some clothes still had a little gum on them after the wash, so I squirt a little more Goo Gone on the gummy spots and washed it again.  That got the rest of the gum out!

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