Sunday, April 7, 2013

Save Time At Disney Theme Parks By Using The Fast Pass!

Last week, we took our kids to Disney World.  The first day, we walked around in a daze, only able to ride 3 rides because the lines were so long.  The second day, we had it figured out and rode tons of rides!

The Disney card you used to get into the Disney Theme Park can get you a fast pass!  Bring it to the most popular ride that you want to ride and get a fast pass.  You go up to the machine by the ride and put your Disney card into it.  The machine will spit your card back out with a receipt (the Fast Pass).  The Fast Pass tells you when to come back to the ride.  It was normally several hours later, but it is better than standing in line for a few hours.

The Fast Pass will give you an hour span of time to come back.  For instance, it may say: come back between 5-6pm.  If you return to the ride at 6:05pm, you are out of luck, so make sure you return during you time.  While you are waiting to use your Fast Pass ticket, you can peruse the other rides that have shorter lines, see a show or watch a parade.

Word of warning:  you can only have one Fast Pass from  your card at a time.  If you received a Fast Pass for 5pm, you will not be able to get another Fast Pass until after you have used your first Fast Pass at 5pm.

While you are waiting to use your Fast Pass, map out your next ride that you will want to get a Fast Pass for.  After you use your first Fast Pass, go directly to the next ride you want to get a Fast Pass for and get your next Fast Pass.

The Fast Pass works at all Disney theme parks.  We tried it out at The Magic Kingdom and The Animal Kingdom.

Since my daughter was too small to get on most of the rides, my son and husband used my daughter's and my Disney card to get a second set of Fast Passes for themselves.  They were able to get on tons of rides!

Have fun at Disney!!!

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