Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Save Money By Fixing Your Water Heater Yourself!

You can save money by fixing things around the house yourself instead of calling in a handyman.

When we went on vacation, I turned my water heater off.  When we returned, we could not get our water heater to turn on again.  We called someone to come fix our water heater, but it was a Sunday and they would have charged us $250 to come out that day.  That's not including the price to fix it.  We would have been paying $250 just for them to show up at our house!

We decided to wait a day, since weekday visits only cost $50.  We scheduled an appointment for Monday at 8am.  At 8:30am, I got a call saying that their computers were down when we scheduled the appointment the night before and they have nothing available until the following evening.

I wasn't going to give my kids another cold bath or take another cold shower.  I called a friend who told me that the instructions are on the water heater.  If they are not, you can go to the companies website and type in the model number to get instructions for turning the water heater back on.

I looked at my water heater and, low and behold, there were the instructions!  I followed them, but it still wasn't working.  Sometimes the pilot would light up, but it wouldn't stay lit.  I read the instructions again and followed them to a T this time and it worked!

Not only did I save tons of money and time, but I did it myself!

If something doesn't work in your house, get the instructions booklet, look at the instructions on the broken item or look the instructions up on the internet.  Follow the instructions exactly in the order they are written.  You will save yourself from a lot of hassle.

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