Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My Online Income For The Month Of February: The Sites I Earn Through And The Amount I Made From Each Site.

I have been working from home since I became a stay-at-home Mom 6 years ago.  I have tried almost every site online to see if I could make money.  I have tried survey sites, article writing, blogging and writing books and e-books.  Here is my breakdown for January 2014.

Pinecone Research:  $15  Pinecone Research is a highly targeted survey site.  They will only send you surveys that you qualify.  They pay $3 per survey!

Bubblews:  $0   I normally make a little over $50 per month, but with the short month, I did not make the $50 minimum redemption cutoff this month.  This is an online short article site.  You can write about anything you want and you only need 400 characters per post, not words, but characters!  I normally write one post a day or every other day and I am making around $50 every 3 weeks or so!  Here is my personal link to Bubblews:  http://www.bubblews.com/?referral=52443afeb0b4f8.58635775

Ibotta:  $14.25  You use Ibotta at restaurants and stores, including grocery stores, to get money back on your purchases.  Right now they are even offering a $2 bonus if you sign up with them for free!  Here is my link to Ibotta:  http://ibotta.com/r/kqRRaQ .

Lulu.com:  $8.07  I have written 3 eBooks and 2 paperback books.  I receive revenue from the books each time I sell a book.  Lulu.com takes a cut of each sale.  There is no up-front costs.  Click here to see my books!

Ipsos:  $10   Ipsos i-Say is a survey site.  You earn points for each survey you do.  You can redeem your points for a check, gift cards or prizes.

Recyclebank:  $5    I redeemed my points for a $5 Amazon gift card.  I can do this once a month or I can pick out great gifts, gift cards or high-value coupons.  My link to Recyclebank is https://rcycle.info/c6ywq.  

Locately:  $5    This is an app on my iPhone.  It recognizes where I am through GPS and sends me short surveys.  The surveys only take about a minute each.

Ebates:  $9.42    When you shop online, check Ebates first for coupon codes and if you go through them to get to your forte sites, then you can get cash back on your purchase.  My link for Ebates is  http://www.ebates.com/rf.do?referrerid=%2FPShQ2gB  .

ClearVoice Surveys:  $10 in Amazon credit.   This is a survey site that pays around $2 per survey completed.  If you do not qualify for the survey, they still give you 10 cents!

Hubpages:  $56.66    Another article site. The articles I write here are more in-depth than the articles I write for Bubblews.  This is residual income from writing I did there over a year ago!  Click here to check it out!   My link to Hubpages is http://hubpages.com/_gzmu86juase6/user/new/

It came to a grand total of $133.40 for the month of January!

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