Thursday, June 12, 2014

Get Free Coupons Every Week!

Did you know you could get coupon inserts and store ads delivered to your door for free each week?  You can!  I just ordered mine through my local newspaper.

The insert collections is called  "Yes! The Essential Shopper".   Each major newspaper company has Yes! as a delivery option, but they do not advertise it since it is free.  You have to call your local newspaper to find out if they do have Yes! as an option.

I just called my newspaper company, requested Yes! The Essential Shopper, gave my name, address and email address and I am signed up.  It took less than five minutes and now I will not miss out on coupons.  There is no need to order the newspaper subscription and pay money.  This is completely free!

I was a subscriber to Yes! before I moved away and I loved it!  If you are a couponer, then give your newspaper company a call to see if they deliver Yes! The Essential Shopper!

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