Friday, January 16, 2015

Feed A Family Of Four On $50 A Week!

I have decided to do a Pantry Challenge!

I am doing the Pantry Challenge for two reasons:

1.  To save money.
2.  To use up what I have.

I have decided on a $50 budget per week for perishables like fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy.  We already have tons of meat in the freezer from shopping sales and buying in bulk at Costco.

I have been wanting to clear my pantries and freezer because I notice that we have so much stuff that just sits there.  Instead of waiting for the freezer items to get freezer burn and the pantry items to expire before throwing them away and waisting all of that money, I have decided to make a point to use it up.

I think it will be good to do a month long pantry challenge twice a year.  Hopefully I will learn a lot from this challenge.

Steps to take to be a part of the Pantry Challenge:

1. Look at what you already have.
2. Make a meal plan from what you already have.  You can do a week at a time or do the whole month at once.
3. Make a list of items you need to get through the week from the store.  Try to find substitutes that you can use that you already have.  Normally, you should just need perishables.
4. Find sales for the items that you do need.
5. Try to stretch out the amount of time between grocery shopping trips.  Remember, every time you walk in the grocery store, you will be spending money towards your budget.
6.  Make a budget.  Make it realistic so it will not be such a chore.  Some people try to spend nothing during their challenge and if you can do that, that is great!  For me, this is my first challenge so I am choosing a budget of $50 for our family of four.
7. Eat leftovers or incorporate them into a new meal.  You can eat leftovers for lunch or have a leftover night where you just warm up leftovers instead of creating a new meal.

Each day I will share with you any tips I learn, recipes I make and challenges I run into during the Pantry Challenge

If you would like to join the pantry challenge, leave a comment below.  I would love to hear your ideas, challenges and recipes!  Let's do this together!

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