Monday, January 12, 2015

How To Nickel And Dime Yourself Out Of Debt: Bring Back Christmas Presents

I know!  It sounds harsh, but if you are in a money-crunch or are trying to get out of debt, bring back your gifts or any other purchases you made if you decide that they are wants and not needs.

Have the store apply the credit to your credit card if you can.  That way, you will not have money in your hand.  It would be too tempting to spend it.  

If you do have to accept a cash credit, then bring it to the bank quickly and apply it to your credit card or loans.  

If you have an internet bank, use the cash you receive to buy groceries or gas (needs) and transfer that amount of money from your bank account to bills instead since you are paying in cash.

Every little bit counts when you nickel and dime your way out of debt!

Does anyone have a great story about the amount of money they were able to get back from gifts and unneeded purchases?

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